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Deportation: The act of a State in the exercise of its sovereignty in removing an alien from its territory to a certain place after refusal of admission or termination of permission to remain (Glossary on Migration, p 18, IOM)

Spontaneous (migration) return: An individual or groups who initiate and proceeds with their migration plans without any outside assistance. (Glossary on Migration, p 62, IOM)

Official Deportations: Government organized returns which are carried out at the official Border Crossing Points (Ouanaminthe – Dajabon, Belladeres- Elias Piña, Malpasse-Jimaní, Anse à Pitres-Pedernales) between the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (border schedule). Before official deportations, relevant returnees receive an official notification regarding the impending deportation. Furthermore, information regarding the time and point of deportation are communicated to the Haitian authorities (Haitian Embassy/consulate). Official deportations are mostly carried out by the DR Immigration (DGM).

Other Deportations: Any forceful return which does not follow the aforementioned guidelines (also referred to as claimed deportation)

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